In 1991 SCHNEIDER started in Germany. SCHNEIDER established its offshore factory in Suzhou,Shanghai in the year of 2010, which is specialized in design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and travelators.

We are located in Changshu Economic Development Zone, the No.1 stayed-cable bridge in the world-Sutong Bridge, Riverside Expressway and Sujiahang Expressway is only 5 minutes drive away from our company, which is only 80km from Shanghai City.

Excellent service, advanced design, consummate process, prefect quality will be the motivation for development of Schneider in China, and SSEC will be the most effective elevator company in the world.

Furthermore, we have a firm commitment to providing safety and convenience for our customers. Every day, millions of people utilize our elevator and escalator equipment and we take our responsibility to ensure absolute safety for all of our passenger very seriously. Our goal is to provide a smooth, safe, convenient ride for all those riding our elevator and escalator products. To this end, we are constantly investing in improving our German technology and developing new, innovative products to ensure that we uphold these company values.

Excellent service, advanced design, consummate process, prefect quality will be the motivation for development of Schneider in China,

We have developed this web site to improve our level of service for all of our customers around the world. We hope that you will find this web site easy to navigate and that you find it helpful in providing you with information about our company and products. We give you our promise and commitment that we will spare no efforts to ensure that you are completely satisfied with SCHNEIDER’s products and services and we welcome you to come back and visit our website often.

Thank you.

Mr. Anton Schneider

Founder of Schneider Group

Legacy of MAAN - Milestone

  •   Maan Bangladesh Ltd, started its journey in the field of Vertical transportation in the year 1990.- The first Asian brand introduced to Bangladesh market was GLDSTAR from South Korea , a product of Korean LG group .
  •   The brand name was changed as LG during 1990s ! Afterwards OTIS elevator took over the Elevator division of LG group and the brand name was again changed to LG-OTIS during the year 2000. In the year 2005 , the company and brand name changed as SIGMA
  •   During the period 1990~2000 , Maan earned the name in the field an became the popular household name for its continuous efforts and developing skilled manpower engaged in the service and maintenance of the elevators and escalators !
  •   Maan has always been focusing on ensuring Safety and convenience for its customers and users throughout the country through its efficient manpower and countrywide network having offices in all major cities of Bangladesh.
  •   Maan supplied and maintained the elevators and escalators of Brands: Goldstar, LG, LG-OTIS, OTIS-LG, SIGMA, HYUNDAI finally introducing GERMAN brand elevators and escalators SCHNEIDER in the beginning of 2015. The latest and most advanced technology of Germany being manufactured in their offshore factory in China !
  •   Maan Bangladesh Ltd., took strong pride in meeting the needs and demands of its valued clients / customers in Bangladesh Market. Two strong values of SCHNEIDER brand Elevator are ensuring safety and convenience for our customers. Maan takes the responsibility very seriously to ensure absolute safety for all customers/ clients in private and public sectors.
  •   Maan’s goal is to provide a smooth, safe, convenient riding for all those who ride our Elevator and Escalator in different Residential complexes, Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Shopping complexes throughout the country. We have been constantly investing in improved technology and innovative products to ensure best Customer service.
  •   Maan Bangladesh Limited has developed this animation to make people understand about the latest technology of elevators and escalators.
  •   In Maan we have been striving to improve our level of service for all of our customers. We are sure that you will find this animation very easy to understand and it would enable you to learn more about our company and product.
  •   Maan Bangladesh Ltd., takes pride in becoming the largest Lift supplier in Bangladesh with the patronization of innumerous clients from all sectors