Product Category

  • High speed Lift

    High speed Lifts means , the elevators travelling with more that
    2 meter /second are usually termed as high speed Elevators :
    We have 1 m~ 7 meter /sec speed elevators at present in our
    production line
  • Machine roomless elevator

    Machine room less elevators don't need Space for Machine room. Now
    a days , some times, Building management system can not afford
    to keep the space for Machine oom .
  • Panoramic Elevator

    Panoramic elevators are becoming popular gradually for its attractive
    designs . These are basically observation Lifts of different capacity,
    speed & designs
  • Bed Elevator

    These are used in Hospitals and clinics to carry the patients on
    stretchers. that enhances response to medical emergencies.
  • Freight elevator

    These are heavy duty elevatorsused in Industries to carry goods
    and haev.

    Escalators are usually required at shopping malls and hospitals of
    different capacities and Rise and angles !
  • TRAVELATOR(Moving Walk)

    These are normally required at Airports where passengers need to move faster i horizontal dirstiom