Product Category

  • Medium speed mini machine room gearless elevator

    High-technology gearless traction machine by energy conservation and environmental protection is applied. It saves architectural space
    and cost.
  • Machine roomless gearless elevator

    It can optimize building space with excellent shaff utilization. And there is
    no construction cost for building machine room, which makes it
    possible to design a flexible building design as well as cost
  • High speed machine room gearless elevator

    LGS High speed elevator uses very advanced technology to realize
    optimum performance and efficiency. These advances include the high-efficient permanent magnetic gearless traction machine with
    dual disk brake, Artificial Intelligence,Data Network System.
  • Panoramic Elevator

    LGS Panoramic elevators provide passenger with a wide view and upgrade building value, and are applicable to hotel, shopping center etc.
  • Hospital BED Elevator

    LGS Bed Elevator provides optimal riding space and safe door system to transport patient bed as well as comfortable ride for the safety of patients.
  • Freight Elevator

    These are heavy duty elevatorsused in Industries to carry goods
    and haev.
  • Car Elevator

    These are normally required at Airports where passengers need to move faster i horizontal dirstiom