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Featuring four preprogrammed modes of operation, the Sharpshooter II makes it easy to just turn it on and go without having to fuss with any settings. The ergonomic construction makes it comfortable to hold, and it has a battery life indicator to let you know when it’s time to recharge. Yes, CScope is a UK company that has been in business for over 40 years and they do have great metal detectors. They create a much deeper search field that’s shaped like a blade rather than a cone.

Now, while you may not think that it is all that important, it is best to get a metal detector with some kind of power indicator. Here, the machine further narrows down the type of material so that you can get a better idea of what the device is detecting.

This pinpoint metal detector by Dr Ötek is our best value metal detector pick. On the upside, with no LCD display and slightly less functionality, this metal detector boasts a substantial battery life when compared to other more power-hungry models. Additionally, this metal detector can be a little fiddly to assemble and you should be aware that there are no batteries included with your purchase.

Considering Minelab had the beginner in mind when they designed and created the metal detector I do believe they overcomplicated it. I personally think for a beginner this metal detector is probably a little complex.

Even if you don’t want to submerge the whole machine accidents happen and these detectors are not cheap. I like to wear a sports type T or polo that moves with my shoulders as I swing the detector. Walking over rough ground metal detectors is hard work and you’re likely to be out there a while. A pinpointer also means you don’t need to shove a trowel into the ground. Once a target is roughly located, use a pinpointer to find out exactly where it is.

This device has a waterproof search coil for durability in tough terrains and has a two-year warranty. This device allows you to choose between five different search modes, and eight different sensitivity and depth settings. The 8.7″ waterproof search coil will let you search the targeted object even under the water. Beautiful 2 types of search detection mode will give you the option of choosing either all metals or a particular metal, for example, gold. The highly sensitive search coil will detect any metal in no time.

This is a perfect device for relics, coins and jewelry hunting or any metal you want. Supplied with two alkaline batteries this metal detector is capable of functioning up to 30 hours! The device has 9″ concentric mono coil, pinpoint function and large LCD-display with VDI, and discrimination scale consisting of 9 segments.

This detector is top of the line because of its 10kHz frequency which gives it the ability to find low and medium conducting targets. This is a true top of the line detector that comes with a rain cover, coil cover, and clear sound volume-controlled headphones.

Thanks to the best ergonomics in the world, controlling this detector is quite enjoyable. However, viewing the numeric target ID system has never been easier. What is nice is the large LCD display is very easy to see. Additionally, there is a computer-assisted ground balance and regular ground balance. While it is not without its imperfections, it can efficiently detect the smallest underground gold nuggets.

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