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Legacy of LGs

Reliable Quality together with LGS Elevator Korea
  • LGS members are committed to being the most reliable name in the field of Vertical transportation with long 30years experience of our expertise. We have experienced the product export to more than 50 countries like East/west Asia, Middle East Asia, Russian countries and South America and we are still export our product to them.

  • Infrared beam light curtain protection system.LGS elevator gives first priority to the personnel safety. With sensitive and concentrative infrared light curtain, it forms optical curtain protection safety net at the elevator door. It sensitively reacts to any person or object that enters into the probing plane.
    Security and Convenience with RF Card Access system
    Use of Building Access Cards to work with the elevator call button and the user ID in the Building Access Cards will automatically register a call to provide convenience to residents, as well as preventing any non-authorized outsider gain access to the building.

Improved energy saving
  • Gearless traction machine with permanent magnet synchronous motor provides up to 25% energy saving compared with geared with traction machine with induction motor.

  • Excellent car ride
    Using the gearless machine with high quality disk brake, provides a smooth and noiseless ride
    The advanced VVVF control technology applies to the door-motor system makes door starting, speeding up, braking curves smooth. LGS Elevator’s differentiated Luxury Car interior design will give you comfortable trip in car.

Energy Saving & Green Technology
  • High performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless traction machine.
    Excellence driving performance, more high-efficient running smart figure with convenient layout saves at least 10% construction area compared with the same load geared elevator, it saves about 50% electric energy.

Energy Saving
  • PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) Gearless traction machine provides up to 40% energy savings compared with traditional geared traction machine.

Eco-friendly product
  • No need any oil in gearless traction machine. It is eco-friendly product.

Super smooth and Comfortable Riding
  • Using excellent high quality brake system, Vibration and noise level is lower and superior to the conventional.

Space Saving and Easy installation
  • It can save the building space because our compact gearless machine is smaller than traditional geared traction machine. The traction machine structure is so easy for installation and maintenance. It can help you save the installation time.

High optimum performance and comfort riding
  • Adopting a permanent magnetic gearless traction machine with a high precision inverter control system, which reduce the transmission of vibration from gear mechanism , brake noise and ropes. It can give more comfortable riding to passenger in car.


Dear valued Customers,


It has been our pleasure to announce that we, LGS Elevator Korea, care for your safety while you are using the vertical.
Your safety and convenience is the utmost importance to us, so we maintain the highest standards of technology to ensure superior innovation in safety and environment friendly .
Our most experienced engineers have been engaged with their tireless efforts to design the best vertical transportation with most attractive aesthetic and feature in the product line.
LGS Elevator expert and management had their beginning 30 years back of its elevator and escalator business allowing for the creation of the LGS brand. We take pride in meeting the needs and demands of all of our customers and we have a strong commitment to producing the world’s best elevators and escalators.
Furthermore, we have a firm commitment to providing safety and convenience for our customers. Every day, millions of people utilize our elevators and escalators equipment and we take our responsibility to ensure absolute safety for all of our passengers very seriously. Our goal is to provide a smooth, a safe, a convenient riding for all LGS elevator and escalator passengers . We have been constantly investing to improve our technology and develop new and innovative designs and aesthetics to uphold the legacy of the company values.
We have developed this web site to improve our level of service for all of our customers around the world. We hope that you will find this web site easy to navigate and that you find it helpful in providing you with information about our company and products.
We promise and commit that we will spare no efforts to ensure that in general you all are completely satisfied with LGS products and services and we welcome you to come back and visit our website often to remain updated with our innovative steps about the product that you need.

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