Mile-Stone/ SPEECH

Legacy of Schneider – Milestone

Trusted Quality
  • We export to 50 continues like Japan, Europe,
    East/West Asia, the Middle ERast and are recognized for excellence in quality.

Re find Design
  • Refind design to give consideration to helth and the envaironment adds new value to the elevator.

Improved energy saving
  • Gearless traction machine with permanent magnet synchronous motor provides up to 25% energy saving compared with geared with traction machine with induction motor.

Comfortable riding
  • Noise and vibration level have been decreased dramatically and car ride is improved thanks to the use of gearless traction machine with permanent magnet synchronous motor without toothing gear and roipe swing.

Environment-friendly components
  • It is environment friendly beacause oil is not required.

Reduced installation space
  • It can save the building space as it needs smaller machine room space than the conventional.

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Easy installation and maintenance
  • The installation and maintenance is less complicated as the implementation is the same.

Improving efficiency in energy usage
  • By grouping passenger having the same target floor to the same elevator, it wiil save energy and increase system efficiency.

Security and Convenience
  • Use of Building Access Cards to work with the elevator call button and the user ID in the Building Access Cards will automatically register a call to provide convenience to residents, as well as preventing any non-authorized outsider gain access to the building.

A varienty of contents in real time
  • This system can be applied to existing system and this feature will provide a touch screen and LCD display inside the car,so passenger can get internet-based information such as car operation, weather, stock proce, index trends, and real-time headline news





In 1991 SCHNEIDER started in Germany. SCHNEIDER establish its offshore factory in Suzhou Shanghai in the of 2010 Which is specialized in design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators, the No.1 stayed-cable bridge in the world-Sutton Bridge. Riverside Expressway and from Shanghai City.Excellent service, advanced design, consummate process, perfect quality will be the motivation for development of Schneider in China and will be the most efficient company in the world.
We are located in Changshu Economic Development Zone, the No.1 stayed-cable bridge in the world-Sutong Bridge, Riverside Expressway and Sujiahang Expressway is only 5 minutes drive away from our company, which is only 80km from Shanghai City.
Excellent service, advanced design, consummate process, prefect quality will be the motivation for development of Schneider in China, and SSEC will be the most effective elevator company in the world.
Furthermore, we have a firm commitment to providing safety and convenience for our customers. Every day, millions of people utilize our elevator and escalator equipment and we take our responsibility to ensure absolute safety for all of our passenger very seriously. Our goal is to provide a smooth, safe, convenient ride for all those riding our elevator and escalator products. To this end, we are constantly investing in improving our German technology and developing new, innovative products to ensure that we uphold these company values.
Excellent service, advanced design, consummate process, prefect quality will be the motivation for development of Schneider in China,
We have developed this web site to improve our level of service for all of our customers around the world. We hope that you will find this web site easy to navigate and that you find it helpful in providing you with information about our company and products. We give you our promise and commitment that we will spare no efforts to ensure that you are completely satisfied with SCHNEIDER’s products and services and we welcome you to come back and visit our website often.

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