Since 1968 we are committed to being the most reliable name in the field of Vertical Transportation with long 30 years’ experience of our expertise!
Our products have been engineered by highly qualified and professional engineers of Korea. They started designing and manufacturing in the brand name of Goldstar from 1968~1993, then it became LG in the year 1994 running upto 1998. In 1999 when US giant UTC took over the LG to from OTIS Elevator Korea & Sigma elevator Korea, most of the professionals left the mother company LG and formed LGS Elevator Korea Co., Ltd.,.
Increasing our domestic market’s requirements for best quality,dependable, riding safe and smooth operation elevator and escalator as per EN NORMS, LGS again re-introduces world class elevator & escalator from LGS Elevator launching its product in domestic market as well in global market.Now LGS is the Manufacturer and Exporter of the Elevators from Korea.
LGS Elevator Co will continue with its mission of supplying elevators and escalators worldwide through its strong developing partners & distributors.
LGS has taken strong pride in meeting the needs and demands of its valued clients & customers in overseas market. Two strong values of LGS Elevator ensure safety and convenience for its customers.
Our goal is to provide a smooth, safe, convenient riding for all those who ride our Elevators and Escalators in different Residential complexes, Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Shopping complexes throughout the world. We have been constantly investing in improved technology and innovative products to ensure best customer service through our most modern R&D center.
LGS has developed this animation to make people understand about the latest technology of elevators and escalators. In LGS, we have been striving to improve our level of service for all of our customers. We are sure that you will find this animation very easy to understand and it would enable you to learn more about our company and products.
The design & R&D center at LGS, Korea takes special care in traffic flow analysis and proper planning, decoration, design and other relevant services! It ensures total solution required for the next generation building automation system. LGS follows all the international codes like TUV, EN-81, BS etc., with ever increasing requirements of the vertical transportation system world wise.
The overseas support team of LGS has been giving their best efforts to ensure service to its Global customers.& The Legacy of LGS continues…………