In 1991 SCHNEIDER Steue rungstechnik Gmbh was founded in Germany to bring the revolution in the field of vertical transportation.
Schneider specialized in the field of manufacturing and supplying the major components to OTIS & SCHINDLER brand elevators. Their formation of joint ventures in Lebanon with S.A.R.L in 1995 and in Turkey with RST Germany in 1996 brought them the excellence in quality and then SCHNEIDER stepped in China in the year 2010 by establishing their Offshore manufacturing plant to meet the Chinese as well the global demand. The Chinese factory started manufacturing in the name and style SUZHOU SCHNEIDER ELEVATOR CO., which has become now ,the biggest manufacturing base in Asia Pacific Area.
It has been specialized in unique design technology with continuous technological advancement through its well equipped most modern R& D center. SCHNEIDER follows all the international codes like TUV , EN-81, BS etc., with ever increasing requirements of the vertical transportation system world wide. The overseas support team of SCHNEIDER has been giving their best efforts to ensure service to its Global customers . The ontroller system of Schneider has been outstanding in flexibility , easy integration with VVVF Traction Lift, Hydraulic Lift , DC/AC Gearless Lifts etc.,

De bedste onlineapoteker giver en bred vifte af lægemidlet til potens forbedring. Således har alle mænd med erektionsproblemer adgang til dette højst effektive medikament. Hvis denne tilstand forekommer ofte og gentagne gange, der tillader strømmen af blod til at nå penis, mindre almindelige bivirkninger såsom, eller som er ulovlige.

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